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travel deeper: part 1.

21 Apr

moab - cover photoAfter editing through my Utah and Colorado photos, I decided to make this post a two-parter.  There was just too much goodness to fit into one write-up.  Consider this part one (of two) in a travel series entitled, “travel deeper”.

As a traditional beach vacation goer or international culture gal, I was skeptical how the adventure in utah would turn out.  When I imagine myself on holiday, either I’m laying by the sea, shopping a local bazaar or visiting a museum.  Not throwing my sneakers on to hike national parks or off-road into the abyss of a canyon.  That said, I decided to rally and keep the hesitation to a minimum.  Not just for Dina but for myself too.  Ready for an emotional and physically charged experience, we entered into moab, Dina with a sense of eagerness and me with an open mind.

DSC_0234DSC_0815As we drove towards the Sorrel River Ranch during sunset, my cynicism began to quickly subside.  The light bouncing off the red rocks was pure magic, immediately taking my breath away.  I was feeling less intimidated by the canyons and ready to embrace the new environment.  The usual head buried in my phone self, easily stayed present.  Our accommodations were epic and the sprawling ranch, with horses, gardens and the colorado river running through it, was perfection.

moab - sorrelDSC_0811Up early the following morning and eager to take on the day, we ate a quick breakfast at EklectiCafe and then headed to Canyonlands National Park.  Canyonlands is enormous, filled with TONS of areas to explore and hikes that range from easy to advanced.  Mapping out your route is essential so lucky for me, Dina had been researching since the crack of dawn.  We hopped in the wrangler, and were on our way to Islands in the Sky to check out Mesa Arch.  I don’t have words that could properly articulate how insane it was, the power of mother nature immediately became evident.  Endless miles of rock formations, natural arches created by erosion and wind, and the La Sal mountains visible in the distance, I was blown away.  It was profound on every level.

DSC_0478DSC_0383After a substantial amount of time taking it all in, we decided (well, Dina decided) to exit via the off-road route as opposed to paved, which was a combination of the high and low point of my trip.  Although considered a safe drive for tourists, it felt anything but.  Narrow roads made out of gravel, steep inclines with hairpin turns and the looming possibility of a rock slide, left me holding on for dear life.  In lieu of literally holding on, I didn’t take any photos that properly represent this part of our excursion, but this youtube video at 6 minutes and 20 seconds (demonstrating the tiny pin hole we had to squeeze our jeep through) and 9 minutes, will give you insight to the full experience.  I trust Dina wholeheartedly, but it wasn’t an enjoyable journey down.  I imagined her hitting the gas instead of breaking while we were declining around a steep bend.  Possibly an irrational fear, but a fear no less.  Proud to have stepped outside of my comfort zone, I was THRILLED when we hit flat land.  I suggested heading to lunch to shake off my nerves, nothing a delicious meal at Twisted Sista’s Cafe couldn’t fix.  Followed by an even more delicious dinner later that night at Desert Bistro, with a locally sourced organic menu.

DSC_0350DSC_0619We hit Arches National Park the next day, with intentions of seeing Balance Rock, Delicate Arch, Double Arch and the Windows.  Still shook up from the anxiety-producing ride down the canyon the prior day, I was apprehensive about going back up.  Biting the bullet, we headed in.  Another day full of beauty and adventure, we pounced from vista to vista taking in the epic views and expansive red rocks.

DSC_0913DSC_0029moab - nature quadDSC_0119We left for Telluride the next morning, not before hitting Love Muffin Cafe for breakfast and Moon Flower natural market to stock up on some food for the week in colorado.  Excited to move on to the next part of the trip which included meeting up with our closet friends, I felt really good about our experience.  Although stepping outside of your comfort zone can be challenging, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.  It’s a powerful thing to be pushed into circumstances that you, yourself would have never initiated. We cannot grow or evolve unless we stretch beyond what is known and easy and life is about expanding.  We have a choice whether to become what we’ve been handed or move beyond and create something unique.  I can’t say I’ve been converted to a wildlife, adventure gal, but this trip taught me that I am capable and I’m better for having gone through it.  I’m considerably more city then nature, but I was humbled to be in the presence of greatness.  It left me connecting to things I had not expected:  life, Dina and most importantly, myself.



utah & colorado: the essentials

21 Mar

telluride - utah packingTomorrow Dina and I leave for an adventure out west, first spending a few days in Moab, Utah and then heading on to Telluride, Colorado where we will meet up with friends for the week.  I’ve never been to either and like all travel, I’m super excited to explore another part of the world.  Coming off of the photography workshop I took last weekend (more on that later!), I look forward to all of the epic scenery nature has to offer.  Our time in Moab includes sleeping on a ranch, romantic dinners, hiking, and exploring the red rocks in the surrounding national parks.  While in Telluride, it’s about snowboarding/skiing, lodges, the spa, cozy dinners, quality time with friends and checking out the town.  Since the two legs of our trip are completely different in not only activity but temperature too, I was thoughtful when packing to ensure that most items in my suitcase would cross function.  Everything goes from day to night with just the switch of a shoe.  I didn’t want to overpack and needed to be strategic and efficient when deciding what to bring.  When going on a long trip, the best way to optimize space in your bag is by editing down items that can all work together.  Choosing a color story or sticking with a foundation of basics in black, grey or denim will allow for easy outfit making!  And when you’re on vacation and constantly on the go, getting dressed should be a no brainer.  Better to spend the time with your head up, taking notice to what’s going on around you!  With that said, here’s a snapshot of a few essentials, along with this fur vest, chambray shirt, silk cami and black blazer for layering.

I can’t wait to come back with so much goodness to share with you from the trip.  In the meantime, follow along on instagram since I will be posting along the journey as we go!

Have a fantastic weekend and week ahead!  xx jenny

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