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mistaken identity

25 Apr

57fbf036df6d4b524319ce739cd6cd11When my friend tagged me in an article posted on Facebook and commented, “Jenny, I’m sure you can relate”, I was eager to see what the content was about.  And after reading just only the first few sentences, I felt a whoosh of feeling understood come over me.  Because I too struggle with a case of mistaken identity on a regular basis and it’s profound being able to connect with others who go through the same experience.  Lindsay King-Miller brilliantly articulates and breaks down for us in the article, “My Life as an Invisible Queer”, the vast amount of stereotyping we are all guilty of.  Women who look like men must be gay, right?  And visa versa.  Not the case at all.

I’m feminine and have long hair, I wear make-up and am girly so the amount of times people mistake me for straight is endless.  Once people recognize that I’m married via my engagement ring, I’m constantly asked, “what my husband does?” or “where my husband is” or any other question in the context of what we are discussing referring to my better half.  And I am automatically put in a position where I need to out myself and explain my orientation.  I think to myself how it would be easier just to go along with it, instead of creating an odd moment between myself and asker, but as an out and proud person, that would totally contradict everything I stand for.  So alas, I enter into many situations with strangers, aware that at some point sexuality will come up.  And it’s always about mine.  The discomfort mostly comes from knowing that the other person will be thrown off once I tell them that I’m gay, thus feel bad for making an assumption.  Perhaps a projection on my behalf, but an awkward moment is the inevitable.  It just happened to me recently when in Telluride.  I was at the oxygen bar (YES!  I went to an oxygen bar to refuel.  Those high altitudes are cray!), and the shop owner noticed my ring and innocently asked, “is your husband up on the mountain?”  Familiar with this line of questioning, I corrected her and got the typical, “oh, okay, that’s cool” response, which is always accompanied by a brief moment of silence.  People usually need a minute to collect their thoughts and put the pieces together.

Dina on the other hand doesn’t face quite the same case of mistaken identity because she more appropriately fits the stereotypical profile of what gay women look like.  People on the contrary always just assume she has a wife so don’t even bother asking.  Or I can’t tell you how many times Dina has actually been mistaken for a guy.  We have had full blown conversations with waiters and/or waitresses, them literally referring to her as, “sir” the entire meal.  Now, I know Dina does not have the most feminine fashion sense, but she is a woman through and through.  And it’s unfortunate that people cannot see beyond what she is wearing or how her hair is cut to automatically think they’ve figured it out.  I’m not mad or bitter about these assumptions.  I think we all fall victim to stereotyping at one time or another.  We are human.  In this article however, Lindsay begins a conversation around how none of us can assume anyone’s orientation based on what they look like.  Feminine women can be gay and masculine women could be straight.  And straight men could dress like women and straight women could dress like men.  The beauty of life (and living in this country, particularly) is that we have freedom of expression.  And as our culture evolves and moves forward towards increasing levels of tolerance and acceptance, we will only continue to come in contact with various demonstrations of individuality.  Now is the time to expand your mind, education and understanding.  If not now, then when.

This article is such an important message and helps raise awareness to something you may not have considered before.  I urge you to read on.  Do it for yourself, for your friends, for your family and for all of us that work every day at honoring our soul style.

Click here for the full read.  Linsday explains it better then I ever could have.  If I knew her, I’d thank her to the moon.

photo via pinterest

travel deeper: part 1.

21 Apr

moab - cover photoAfter editing through my Utah and Colorado photos, I decided to make this post a two-parter.  There was just too much goodness to fit into one write-up.  Consider this part one (of two) in a travel series entitled, “travel deeper”.

As a traditional beach vacation goer or international culture gal, I was skeptical how the adventure in utah would turn out.  When I imagine myself on holiday, either I’m laying by the sea, shopping a local bazaar or visiting a museum.  Not throwing my sneakers on to hike national parks or off-road into the abyss of a canyon.  That said, I decided to rally and keep the hesitation to a minimum.  Not just for Dina but for myself too.  Ready for an emotional and physically charged experience, we entered into moab, Dina with a sense of eagerness and me with an open mind.

DSC_0234DSC_0815As we drove towards the Sorrel River Ranch during sunset, my cynicism began to quickly subside.  The light bouncing off the red rocks was pure magic, immediately taking my breath away.  I was feeling less intimidated by the canyons and ready to embrace the new environment.  The usual head buried in my phone self, easily stayed present.  Our accommodations were epic and the sprawling ranch, with horses, gardens and the colorado river running through it, was perfection.

moab - sorrelDSC_0811Up early the following morning and eager to take on the day, we ate a quick breakfast at EklectiCafe and then headed to Canyonlands National Park.  Canyonlands is enormous, filled with TONS of areas to explore and hikes that range from easy to advanced.  Mapping out your route is essential so lucky for me, Dina had been researching since the crack of dawn.  We hopped in the wrangler, and were on our way to Islands in the Sky to check out Mesa Arch.  I don’t have words that could properly articulate how insane it was, the power of mother nature immediately became evident.  Endless miles of rock formations, natural arches created by erosion and wind, and the La Sal mountains visible in the distance, I was blown away.  It was profound on every level.

DSC_0478DSC_0383After a substantial amount of time taking it all in, we decided (well, Dina decided) to exit via the off-road route as opposed to paved, which was a combination of the high and low point of my trip.  Although considered a safe drive for tourists, it felt anything but.  Narrow roads made out of gravel, steep inclines with hairpin turns and the looming possibility of a rock slide, left me holding on for dear life.  In lieu of literally holding on, I didn’t take any photos that properly represent this part of our excursion, but this youtube video at 6 minutes and 20 seconds (demonstrating the tiny pin hole we had to squeeze our jeep through) and 9 minutes, will give you insight to the full experience.  I trust Dina wholeheartedly, but it wasn’t an enjoyable journey down.  I imagined her hitting the gas instead of breaking while we were declining around a steep bend.  Possibly an irrational fear, but a fear no less.  Proud to have stepped outside of my comfort zone, I was THRILLED when we hit flat land.  I suggested heading to lunch to shake off my nerves, nothing a delicious meal at Twisted Sista’s Cafe couldn’t fix.  Followed by an even more delicious dinner later that night at Desert Bistro, with a locally sourced organic menu.

DSC_0350DSC_0619We hit Arches National Park the next day, with intentions of seeing Balance Rock, Delicate Arch, Double Arch and the Windows.  Still shook up from the anxiety-producing ride down the canyon the prior day, I was apprehensive about going back up.  Biting the bullet, we headed in.  Another day full of beauty and adventure, we pounced from vista to vista taking in the epic views and expansive red rocks.

DSC_0913DSC_0029moab - nature quadDSC_0119We left for Telluride the next morning, not before hitting Love Muffin Cafe for breakfast and Moon Flower natural market to stock up on some food for the week in colorado.  Excited to move on to the next part of the trip which included meeting up with our closet friends, I felt really good about our experience.  Although stepping outside of your comfort zone can be challenging, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.  It’s a powerful thing to be pushed into circumstances that you, yourself would have never initiated. We cannot grow or evolve unless we stretch beyond what is known and easy and life is about expanding.  We have a choice whether to become what we’ve been handed or move beyond and create something unique.  I can’t say I’ve been converted to a wildlife, adventure gal, but this trip taught me that I am capable and I’m better for having gone through it.  I’m considerably more city then nature, but I was humbled to be in the presence of greatness.  It left me connecting to things I had not expected:  life, Dina and most importantly, myself.



minding your body

11 Apr

IMG_8783 4Have you ever had days where you just feel off?  The past few have been that way for me.  It kicked off on Wednesday night while styling out my ensemble for a shoot yesterday morning.  Even though I’m a stylist, I don’t over think my own clothes on the daily.  I have my uniform and I tend to stick to it.  Like most of us, I’m a creature of habit.  When being photographed though, it can certainly amp the pressure and disrupt the usual ease of getting dressed.  Alas, Wednesday night was the dreaded, “nothing looks good” catastrophe.  As the clothes piled up on my bed, my blood pressure continued to rise and like a ball of yarn unraveling, so was my closet.  I began to sweat, pacing from mirror to mirror expecting the other one to miraculously change how I looked, thus felt.  That never happened.  I’m certain that Dina thinks I’m crazy during these times, but thankfully she’s a saint and if so, keeps it to herself.  After over an hour of trying to put one (yes, one!) outfit together, I retired to a look that I was relatively happy with.  After the hang bar in my closet then decided to collapse, I was beyond done for the evening and needed to relax my mind and figure out why the f*ck I couldn’t get my sh*t together.

After some soul searching and processing about my stressful experience, I recognize that the clothes had nothing to do with how I was feeling.  Other things were on my mind and let’s just call it the ripple effect of mind and body teaming up together.  They are besties and when one is off, so is the other.  For starters I had gone on the scale that morning (something I have been dreading for a while) and like expected, gained a good five pounds.  Nothing that should turn my world upside down but an indicator that my usual habits have been compromised.  For the past three months, I have maintained my diet of healthy, whole foods, but let’s just say I have been eating a WHOLE LOT MORE of them.  My body has been going through some changes as Dina and I embark on the baby making journey (more on that later) so while I’d like to be gentle with myself and forgive the recent binge eating, I also know how important it is to feel comfortable in my skin and body. This week I am back to it (hence the weigh in), but it’ll take some time for things to normalize.  The recent up and down fertility cycles coupled with three weeks of travel have thrown me off in more ways then just physical.  Dina also started her new job on Monday and although I could not be happier and prouder of her, change is occurring and I’ve been unknowingly affected by that too.  I realize that while being a supportive wife and accepting her focus be on the new job, I do miss her.  I’m aware the shift is temporary until she finds the next routine, but until then we are in a transition period and that isn’t always the most comfortable place to be.

Although I woke up yesterday still feeling heavy, the shoot worked out amazingly.  My friend and photographer Candy, is the sweetest and made me smile and feel natural all morning, which is not always easy when you’re standing in front of a camera for hours.  And then I unexpectedly saw the feature I did last summer for Italian brand Ivories was posted on their facebook page and instagram feed which was super exciting.  I’m honored to be a part of their spring/summer 2014 story telling campaign of “women of strong character and individuality, to communicate what is happening now.”  And just as things were starting to look brighter, the mother of annoying things happened when I got home.  As Your Soul Style e-mail subscribers already know, while working yesterday afternoon I accidentally posted an incomplete spotlight interview, not once but two times!  Instead of hitting “save draft”, I hit “publish” TWICE!  It has been well over a year since starting Your Soul Style and this has never happened before.  All in all, another indicator that I’ve not been myself which has resulted in a bit of mindlessness.  Horrified, I sent out a quick message to my subscribers explaining the error.  I know that we all have moments of technical difficulty, but this just added insult to injury after an already rough few days.  I’m praying it’s the first and last time this ever happens.

Life is constantly tilting the scales and the true test is having the ability to recover and get back to the space where things become balanced again.  There will be days where you feel physically off and others when it comes from your head, but regardless of where issues are rooted, our whole system is compromised when a part of us is struggling.  The mind, body and soul are part of a larger machine which needs to constantly work together in order to be as efficient as possible.  The key is not only being aware of the cause of our discomfort, but recognizing like a domino effect, every part of our being is affected by the other.  It is only when we arrive here and accept that, that we can find a place of resolution, growth and evolvement.

TGIF, seriously!  Hoping you have a restful weekend filled with tons of soul, style and love.  xx jenny

photo via candy kennedy

staycation: NYC

7 Apr

sincerely julesDespite the return back from our southwest adventure last Monday, today feels like my first day back to it.  Getting into the swing of things has been difficult since Dina was off all last week too.  I’d been vibing off her extended vacation and using it to my advantage.  With that being said, I decided to put off reality for a few more days and we lined up activities chock full of art, culture and cuisine for our remaining time.

And so our staycation began in our home city on Tuesday with a leisurely brunch at Lafayette, one of my new favorite spots to dine.  A Paris meets New York City vibe, the food is right-on.  I had the brisket burger which is not my typical mid-day light fare, but figured why not since we were still in vacay mode.  Dina had the steak tartar, roasted carrot salad and mouth watering deviled eggs that I will surely be ordering in the future.  I’m looking forward to the (hard to find in this city) outdoor space for those inching closer warmer days.  For a quick latte and a scone, the restaurant houses a small french bakery for take-away.  We got last minute tickets to the opera La Sonnambula for that evening.  I’ve never been, but have always wanted to.  Lucky for us, orchestra seats became available and we scooped them up.  Grateful for the experience, I can’t say I’ll be a buying a membership at the Metropolitan Opera House anytime soon.  What’s a stayacation without visiting the spa?  I scheduled a massage at Great Jones and Dina checked out the new thermal baths at AIRE.  Both relaxed, decompressed and unwound, we met up later that evening and took in an early movie.  The Grand Budapest Hotel was a visual feast!  Wes Anderson is a creative genius and the attention to detail with cinematography, storyline, wardrobe, props, etc. was next level.  A quick bite after at Ribalta, a local joint with a gluten free pizza option!  Rare find.  On Friday we hit up the Museum of the City of New York to see the “City As Canvas” graffiti exhibit, featuring Martin Wong’s collection.  A quick train ride up to 103rd street, I recommend the visit.  Such an authentic exhibit which represents much of what the street culture in NYC felt like in the late 70’s and 80’s.  The museum had other worthy to visit exhibits including “Rising Waters” which documents via photographs the events before, during and after Hurricane Sandy.

Over the weekend, we spent time with family, hung-out in Washington Square Park and took in one more delicious meal at Perla on Saturday night to celebrate Dina’s new job.  Today is day one at Google and I am the proudest wife on the planet.  No doubt she is going to kill it.  Although I’m going to miss our endless days of adventure, I’m feeling EXTRA EXTRA grateful for the time we’ve had.  I know how lucky we are.  It’s not often that you get to spend this type of uninterrupted time with the person that you love.  It has been an epic three weeks from Utah to Telluride to exploring our home turf in New York City and I’ve cherished each and every single moment.  The reality of getting back to work is off and running and both of us are ready to dive back in, feeling more rested, replenished and inspired.

Never forget to take the time you need to breathe and reboot.  Sometimes we’re all are on autopilot, and allow ambition and the pressure of success and making money to take the focus away from other important aspects of life.  But by stepping away and giving yourself the space to gain perspective, you will always come back with a new level of appreciation, loving yourself and the people around you (and even your job!) more than before!  Happy Monday!  xx jenny

NEXT UP:  A recap of our adventures through Utah & Colorado + an epic spotlight of Katelin Sisson, co-founder of Yoga for Bad People!

photo via Sincerely Jules


passion 101

4 Apr


A few weeks back, I took an all day photography class at the International Center for Photography with my friend Adela whom you may remember from here.  As a visual person, I’ve always loved capturing images that convey the deeper message of a moment and photography does just that.  Being an adult student is a far cry from my college years of ditching typically required classes and getting by.  I am now a committed learner because I only invest in the topics I am passionate about.  My successes have been driven by doing what I love.

Sometimes I think about the next thirty years of my career and wonder how it will all play out.  It continues to transition and evolve through working on this blog, freelance styling and expanding on the Your Soul Style brand, but there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about another project I want to tackle.  There is so much that I want to do, but at the risk of not spreading myself too thin, I recognize all will happen in due time!  It doesn’t matter how old or how established you are in any area of your life.  If you thirst for something new, indulge yourself and do it.  There is no time better than the present to embrace the life you want.  Find it, do it, create it, live it and love it.  What’s it gonna be?  Happy weekend!  xx jenny

IMG_7768 2


photos via Adela Capova

banana + almond smoothie

17 Mar

smooth operatorMaking a smoothie is not a groundbreaking phenomenon however in trying to store up on good fats and eat clean, I’ve been making them at home regularly.  My friend Mika has been having them for years, but I never made my own version until now.  There is something super duper satisfying about 1) knowing exactly what goes into your food and 2) using your own two hands to literally feed and nurture your soul.  Not the most calorie friendly of meals, but healthy, gluten free, dairy free, grain free, vegan and absolutely one of the tastiest things I’ve ever eaten.  And it will keep you full for HOURS!  Whip it up in five minutes or less with four ingredients only.  Make it for yourself and everyone else that comes your way. You can thank me (or rather, Mika) later.


What you need:

vitamix or any other type of blender/smoothie machine

2 ripe organic bananas (the more ripe the banana, the sweeter it will be)

1.5 – 2 tablespoons of organic almond butter OR 1 generous handful of raw unsalted almonds

1/4 cup of coconut milk

5-6 ice cubes


– blend all ingredients together until ice cubes are smooth.  Voila – done!

– drink and go to smoothie heaven


* adjust amount of almond butter and/or coconut milk according to your tastes

* add a few dark chocolate chips if you are having for dessert

If you have any smoothie recipes you’d like to share, please send them my way at  Thanks so much!

behind the scenes

14 Mar

photoshoot - 7The past few weeks I’ve spent most of my time styling for Mix Apparel, the Australian based company I consult for.  While on set yesterday, I remembered how grateful I am for my job.  It’s almost a year since leaving corporate America and although I’ve had moments of doubt and uncertainty, I couldn’t be happier with my decision to make the change.  Because I get to collaborate on such diverse projects, I learn something new and am challenged on the reg.  I have also met some of the loveliest, most creative and inspiring people I’ve ever known.  I’m reminded when I scroll through my inbox how most of these relationships didn’t exist just one year ago.  It’s mind-blowing what can happen when you switch paths.  My world has opened up to a whole new level and the growth is immeasurable both professionally and personally.  Even on days when I am scared and wavering (which can happen from time to time), I know I’m doing what I love, what I choose – stretching myself and expanding so that I can land exactly where I want to be.  Early on I would cry to Dina, saying how alone I felt, how I didn’t know if I was strong enough to continue and question if I had what it took to be successful.  I was looking for validation and wanted reassurance that it was the right decision.  In time I realized no one can do that for me – it needed to come from within.  None of it mattered until I believed in myself.  And that took me time to find too.  I wouldn’t trade those difficult moments out for anything.  They have proven worth fighting through.  It’s not simple choosing an unpredictable path, but if you have a passion for something different, embrace your inner courage and do it.  Grab every ounce of strength and decide to take control of your destiny.  There are times of discomfort and it won’t be easy, but the reward is living your fullest, most nourishing and best life.  You only have one – make it what you want it be.

Here’s a behind the scenes look at our kids shoot from yesterday at Industria Studios.  Candy, Amy and Mark, in some of the photos below,  are just a few of those amazing new additions to my life.  I hope you have a fantastic weekend filled with tons of soul and lots of style!  xx jenny

photoshoot - 3photoshoot - 5photoshoot - 11photoshoot - 2photoshoot - 6photshoot - 4photoshoot - 8photoshoot - 4photoshoot - 13

gettin’ art’y

12 Mar

mel bochnerThis past weekend we hit up The Armory Show here in NYC, which showcases modern and contemporary artworks from the 20th and 21st centuries.  Every March for the past fifteen years, galleries from around the globe come together to present at the four day event.  This was my first time attending and it was AMAZING!  I loved EVERY SINGLE SECOND of it!  Aside from the occasional visit to local galleries or perusing museums while traveling, I don’t spend too much time studying fine art.  The appreciation is there, but I was never exposed to the history, influences, periods, techniques, etc.  I just know what I like.  When a photo or painting can take me on an emotional journey resonating somewhere deep, the artist has got me hooked.  It’s a powerful exchange.  And sometimes it’s just about an interesting geometric pattern like Mark Hagen’s acrylic on burlap, which was one of my favorites of the day.  I would have purchased it in two shakes of a lamb’s tail if I could.  While navigating through endless aisles on a quest for the next intriguing piece, I can’t forget to mention the epic people watching and fashion too.  Those art’y peeps have got some serious style!  It was inspiration overload and I really could not get enough!  My creative senses were in full bloom.  All in all, a fulfilling day that peaked my interest to learn more about the art scene!  I can’t say I’ll ever be an expert, but am open to some further education.  I am finally taking that photography workshop I spoke about here this coming Saturday and perhaps next up an Art History class?  A few more of my favorites from the show…

armory - 21armory - 7armory - 2armory - 10armory - 17armory - 4armory - 5armory - 9armory - 15armory - 22armory - 1armory - 19armory - 6

Artists (from top): Mel Bochner (Oh Well), Mark Hagen (Untitled), Juan Genoves, Jose Parla (blooming city marks), Tracey Emin (Wanting You), James Hugonin (Binary Rhythm), Shilpa Gupta (Eye Test), Tim Noble & Sue Webster (Fucking Beautiful), Ed Templeton (clockwise from top left: girl eats, girl smokes, kissing kids, walking girl), Unknown, Tomas Saraceno (Untitled), Peter Halley (unknown), Kris Martin (Somebody), Chuck Close (Self Portrait)

surrendering: by mika oakes

28 Feb

mika - cover photoHello and happy Friday!  Today’s post will be a contributing piece by my nearest and dearest friend Mika Oakes whom you may remember from here.  Mika is a certified yoga teacher and licensed massage therapist who recently gave birth to her four month old son, Jonah.  I asked her if she would be willing to do a write-up about her experience through pregnancy and how it influenced and affected her mind and body image.  As a wellness practitioner, surrendering control was not an easy process and I feel that many women would relate to her story.  Thank you Mika, for being brave and honest enough to share your journey with us.

Surrendering by Mika Oakes

Though it’s hard to admit to ourselves, we are all vain. It’s true in some form or another. Whether you are a yogi, a fashionista, or someone that considers yourself “humble”, we all have a sense of vanity beneath our skin. The question is, do we acknowledge it and own it or do we try to deny it?

As a yoga teacher, but more importantly a yoga student for life, I admit that I am also vain. I just spent the last year of my life pregnant and now as a new mother, I have a whole new appreciation for my body and the process of being in tune with it. When the body changes in such an extreme way (and in a way that is completely and utterly out of your control) it’s a mind-expanding, humbling and terrifying experience — all at the same time. We reach out trying to grasp onto anything we might have once been able to control. When you’re pregnant, there is nothing you can control about your figure, aside from the food you put into your body and the exercise/movement you choose to incorporate into your prenatal life.

While my ever-growing belly and breasts (AND thighs, AND ass) were expanding by the day, I would be lying if I said that my mind and attention weren’t distracted, sometimes negatively towards these changes.  I would love to be able to say that I didn’t fear that I would lose the body I once had and was quite attached to. As a person in the athletic, holistic health, and spiritual fields, body image and awareness of mind/body connection is naturally a big part of what makes me tick on a daily basis. I worked hard to release the resistance I was feeling at embracing these changes. I worked hard to understand that I couldn’t control what was happening and moreover, that what was happening was actually quite beautiful and natural. Still, I couldn’t help but feel weird and uncomfortable in my new state. 

As a person who has worked with several prenatal clients for both yoga and massage, going through this process myself was a total game changer. The naturalist in me always made me think that I would be the type of person to marvel in my pregnant body. I thought I would simply love being pregnant and embrace it all as the process itself evolved. Au contraire!  I was challenged each and every day.  My yoga practice was modified, though I would dare say compromised.  I wasn’t “in” my body the same way anymore. Although it was a completely inner body experience, it felt totally out of body.  I was humbled.  I was quieted.  I learned how to surrender on a deeper level every day. 

mika3(1)As I grew larger by the day, the new slower pace of life felt like it made sense. All of a sudden I wasn’t so quick or eager to book up my schedule and run from client to client or schedule dinners with friends.  I began to find a sense of stillness even in my anxiety of the unknown to come. My pregnancy slowed me down not only in a tangible physical way, but more profoundly in my thoughts and mind as well.  There was a level of acceptance and surrender and it was crazy to let go in that kind of a way. It was almost ethereal. As the imminent birth of my son approached, that is of course what mattered most. I began to realize that my perspective and values were shifting almost daily.

When asked to put together my thoughts on how things shifted for me physically (fashion-wise and all other things considered) I had to first take a look at my own vanity and just how much of it I was willing to admit to.  As a pregnant woman you are given the opportunity to learn acceptance in a new way, how to surrender in a deeper way and how to release this idea of controlling the process of how it all changes you, both from the outside inwards and the inside outwards. 

Pregnancy in and of itself is one of life’s greatest lessons, if not THE greatest lesson in letting go. Wanting to look and feel good is not something we should be ashamed of. My pregnancy taught me about my own vanity and helped me recognize the vanity within us all. Most importantly, acknowledging it helped me discover my inner beauty in a remarkable new way. A way that I’ve carried with me now into motherhood. I’m constantly reminded of what’s able to be changed and what needs to be accepted. Realizing the difference is the first step in feeling beautiful in your own skin.

mika - 1Mika Oakes is a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance, licensed massage therapist in New York State and certified in prenatal for both.  She is certified with the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB), and is a proud member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA).  For more information, check out her website here.

Photos via Tara Eden

travel: LA

7 Feb

los ángelesHello and happy friday!  Tomorrow we head out to LA to visit Dina’s family.  New York City is home and definitely has my heart, but every time out west, LA pulls on its strings.  We’ve fantasized about moving there, landing in Malibu and enjoying year-round beach life in a house like David & Yolanda Foster’s (shameless Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reference).  But we’d settle for a little surf shack too.  Until then, escaping this brutal winter of polar-vortexing for a bit will suffice.  For the next five days, follow me on instagram where instead of posting photos like this, they should hopefully look somewhat like above.  Happy weekend!  xx jenny

photo via pinterest

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