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kate moss x topshop wishlist

30 Apr

kate moss x topshopThe ever so stylish supermodel, Kate Moss is back with her second collection for Topshop, which launched this morning (her first collaboration with the retailer was in 2007)!  Just like the Isabel Marant x H&M launch from Fall, items will definitely sell out in record time.  You’ll want to make your way over to a Topshop retail location or get online STAT to scoop up one (or more!) of these iconic pieces before they are gone.  You can also find the collection at Net-A-Porter.  Kate Moss’s boho meets edgy sensibility comes through in each design, and with Topshop’s competitive price points we can all have a little bit of the uber stylish Kate Moss hanging in our closet.  On my wishlist…

1. Floral Chiffon Maxi Dress, $360 // 2. Fringe Leather Jacket, $380 // 3. Aztec Print Sundress, $120 // 4. Lame’ Bias Cut Maxi Dress $590 // 5. Scallop Trim Cami, $76 // 6. Shadow Stripe Print Jumpsuit, $190 // 7. Suede Runner Shorts, $150


mountain style

2 Apr

mountain style - 2We just returned back from a most amazing adventure through Moab, Utah and Telluride, Colorado, a first visit for me to that part of the country.  I’ve heard lots of chatter about the beauty over there, but it’s only when you experience things with your own eyes that you can actually feel it.  And so I did.  More than anything, the red rocks of Utah blew me away.  I have so much goodness to share in an upcoming two-part post with restaurants, boutiques, spas, hiking destinations, etc, but I’ll need a bit of time to sort through the thousands of photos I took over the course of the trip.  If you follow along on instagram, I’ve already given you a taste.  In the meantime, let’s talk style.  When I made this post right before I left, we discussed packing strategies and I gave you a peep inside my bag.  I didn’t abort my urban sensibilities in order to fit into the surroundings of Moab and Telluride, but I adjusted and found a happy medium.  Don’t get me wrong – I was diggin’ the full on head-to-toe Patagonia meets REI meets hippie which seemed to be the overarching style there, but that’s just not me.  And no matter where I go or what I do, I need to stay true to who I am.  An important fashion tip when traveling is to explore new and inventive ways of embracing your personal style so that you can be you while also catering to the environment in which you are in.  There is always room for balance and comfortability in this space.  For me this meant combining a rugged plaid button down with pleather pants and a bright vintage scarf.  Between the red rocks, snow, sun, cold and warmth – alas, mountain chic it was.

DSC_0915 4DSC_0922 2


leather pants: take two

19 Mar

leather - 15This is my second pair of faux leather pants since the ones I got around the time of my wedding simply do not fit anymore.  A few weeks back I took them out of the closet and although after much tugging and pulling they were able to close, they were RIDICULOUSLY UNCOMFORTABLE.  And really didn’t look so great unless I threw on a big bulky sweater to cover the waistline.  Needless to say, I’ve definitely gained a few pounds.  Does anyone maintain their wedding weight anyway?  Seems like a total impossibility if you ask me.  I had a moment of beating myself up about it, wondering how I let this happen, and getting angry for allowing these few pounds to creep back up.  But then I came to my senses and reminded myself that our bodies are ever-changing and go through ups and downs just like all else in our life.  I remembered that I need to be kind to myself and forgiving.  I remembered how crucial it is to accept and love who I am no matter what size that may be.  And then after resolving that being a few pounds heavier won’t make or break anything in my life, I marched myself right back to H&M and bought a similar pair, one size larger!

leather - 1leather - 18leather - 16

motoring into spring

3 Mar

spring inspoI am counting down the seconds till spring for a multitude of reasons.  First and foremost, this NYC winter has gotten the best of me and despite my hardcore love of this amazing and wondrous city, I’m pissed off at the weather patterns.  The novelty of snow is appreciated, but when occurring weekly, it gets old really fast.  It’s safe to assume I’m over it.  With that said, I’m super excited to shed my heavy winter-wear and embrace the fashions of spring  which includes lighter jackets and more skin exposure.  I’m inspired by the above look and would love to replicate it when the temperature creeps up.  I don’t usually wear short necklaces, but am feeling this choker from Zara.  And a hint of a lace bra through the double breasted blazer is OH-so-sexy, bringing femininity and softness to the overall menswear inspired look.  Adios sweaters and boots!  Don’t let the door kick you in the ass on your way out!

spring ahead

SHOP IT:  pinstripe blazer // leather pants // gold choker // lace bra // moto jacket // crossbody bag

photo via The Haute Pursuit

quilt-y pleasures

26 Feb

soho - 7Now that sweatpants, joggers, boyfriend jeans and slouchy fits are all the rage, I’ve embraced this trend with full force.  As if I’d choose to wear a skinny jean over pants with breathing room when given the option – come on!  My tight bottoms continue to take a back seat and this winter has got me questioning the body hugging silhouette all together.  Which is why when I found this H&M quilted style, I scooped it up to add to my rapidly-growing collection of glorified pajamas.  Although perhaps this pair reminds me more of a blanket.  I wear them here with booties and sweater for a casual weekend ensemble, but will just as easily pair them back to my black suede pumps for some Saturday night swag.  You can find them at an H&M store (sadly, I can’t find on their site) or re-visit this post with similar suggestions.  Cheers to comfortable fashion!

photo - 9

protesting the vortex

19 Feb

winter weekendThis winter has been one of the worst in history so unless you live in California or Florida you’ve likely been freezing for months, have skin like an alligator, and your snow-boots are a permanent fixture by the front door.  Despite another storm blowing in this past weekend, I decided to protest anything that would be practical to wear in weather as such. If you follow me here, you know – I am over it!  My ensemble included boots with no traction, pants with zero insulation and a coat that was clearly more fashion over function.  Sometimes a girl just needs to put her proverbial foot down.  On a positive note, I had a hat to protect my hair and water resistant MZ wallace metro tote which has proven to be one of the best purchases of 2014.  I managed to stay warm, not slip and avoid ruining my suede boots which was nothing short of a Chanukah miracle.  The temperature is supposed to stay in the mid-fourties for the next five days which for us New Yorkers, is also somewhat of a small miracle.  Enjoy the heat wave.  Happy hump day!

spring things

10 Feb

spring edit

I was debating a “no-shop february” challenge with intentions of inviting you to participate because I always like to check myself when behaviors become perpetual – even if they are benign.  Taking a break from something you love puts things into perspective and raises awareness to your relationship with that habit.  However while thinking it through (and virtual window shopping in the meantime), I’ve decided to hold off.  Spring product is trickling in and I was already wait-listed for two of my “must-have” finds!  In hindsight I should have proposed this challenge for January, right after the holiday shopping binge.  Lesson learned!  So instead of “no shop february”, it’s turned into, “get ’em while their hot”.  Although shelved for today, we’ll explore this challenge later.  For now, here’s what’s topping my spring list.  Happy, happy Monday!  xx jenny

SHOPT ITart inspired I fringe benefits I going global I pretty in pink I heavy metal I electric slide

a/w 2014: by malene birger

3 Feb

_dsc2327-1I fell in love with Danish fashion designer, Malene Birger when I purchased this By Malene Birger coat in early fall, so checking out her Autumn/Winter 2014 show online during Copenhagen Fashion Week was an absolute must.  Looking back, early fall was probably just a crush since after seeing this new collection, I can now say with serious conviction it’s a full on obsession.  Like the real deal kind.  I have never witnessed styling as in sync with my personal taste, so much so that I feel like Malene and I could have collaborated together in a past life.  One look after the next was/is brilliant and I’d wear entire head-to-toe ensembles, changing nada!  Relaxed, edgy, hints of boho, effortless layering, impeccable details, embellishment in just the right places and all completely wearable!  It’s what I like to describe as my BP (best possible).  Consider me over the moon inspired, which I really needed as of late!  Here’s a snapshot of some favorites, but check out the entire show here.  And of course, happy Monday!  xx jenny


photos via copenhagen fashion week

a good sport

14 Jan

fashion sneakers - 4 (2)In the spirit of taking more style risks in 2014 like said here, I’ve been embracing my sportier side.  I found these converse star player leather sneakers while researching for a client, and like any typical shopping-obsessed stylist, bought one pair for the photoshoot and one pair for myself.  Lately instead of grabbing booties, I’ve been inserting these high tops into my look and welcoming the fresh change.  And you can’t beat the comfort if you’re an urbanite whose feet are a means of transportation.  While sneakers have been a streetstyle fashion choice for decades, mine have mostly been reserved for exercise.  Until now.  This year I’m upping my shoe game and plan on being a really good sport about it!  How will you step outside of your style comfort zone in 2014?  Would love to hear your stories!  xx jenny

SHOP THE LOOK:  sweater: Zara, pants: h&m (similar), coat: zara (similar), sneakers: Converse, bag: MZ Wallace, hat: Neff, scarf: vintage (similar), ring: old (similar), hand chain: Jacquie Aiche (similar)

DSC_0905 2DSC_0899DSC_0902 2DSC_0870 2

hello, january!

3 Jan

just inHello and happy new year!!!  For the past few weeks, I have been avoiding the “new arrivals”, “just in” or “what’s new” tab on my favorite shopping websites like the plague.  With all of the sale happenings, I couldn’t bring myself to check out the goodness that is coming down the pike for spring!  January deliveries are always a small resort capsule before designers and retailers blast us with the real deal, so don’t go crazy just yet.  Companies want to tease and entice you with some newness, but their ultimate goal is to liquidate the leftover merchandise from fall and winter.  With that said, it’s still fun to peruse and possibly scoop up some fresh pieces.  A few new transitional items are the perfect antidote for those winter blues.  I’ve got my eyes on these!

Happy weekend!  xx jenny

SHOP IT:  1. crop top, $24.95, // 2. floppy hat, $19.95, // 3. statement ring, $395, // 4. the perfect long dress, $280, // 5. updated chambray, $70, // 6. quilted tote, $195, // 7. leather shorts, $89.99, // 8. modern mules, $350, // 9. sunnies, $140, // 10. vans, $85.30,

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